Darn Tough Scent-Lok Sock Review by ProStaffer Randall Limb

These are some of the best socks I have used in the field. Slightly thick but I like them that way.
 Very Very Durable
 Stay right where they are supposed to be ( no slipping)
 A little thicker than most brands (which can also be a Pro)
 Made my feet sweat
How I use it
I have a pair of Scent Blocker boots that are un- insulated and that have had the insoles replaced. Ever since I replaced the insoles they have been uncomfortable to wear with a standard sock. So I gave the Darn Tough Socks a try and boy I could really tell the difference! They made my hiking more enjoyable and comfortable.
Insulating Qualities
These socks are going to be great during winter when my feet would normally get cold. That is a big benefit to having them a little thicker than most.
These socks are very lightweight for all that they offer! I don’t feel like I am hiking with a big bulky sock when I have these on.
Hence the name “Darn Tough” These socks are some of the toughest, stretchiest and most comfortable on the market. Scent-Lok even backs them with a LIFETIME Warranty!
These socks are a very reasonable price for how well they are built and what you get! They retail for right around $20.00 depending on the model that you get.
Overall Impression
These socks are very comfortable and form fitting to your foot and calf. They have extra cushion along the bottom of them for extra support which I personally LOVE! In my opinion you will not find a better sock on the market! And you cannot beat a LIFETIME WARRANTY! I know what gear I will be using this fall, and the Darn Tough Socks made the cut!

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Pt. 3 Picking out my new Stalker Longbow.

The other day I got a email from South Cox at Stalker Custom Recurves and in the email was some beautiful pics of my bow while in the works:)  I am so excited and can’t wait to shoot it!

This is the one bow that I am so excited for and I thank my wife for the birthday present:)

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This is one of the Reason I chose South Cox at Stalker Custom Recurves to build my bow. He does GREAT things like this!!

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Helle GT Knife Impression

The other day I decided to sell my old never used Benchmade Outdounder.  I liked the knife but hated the sheath.  I was looking into all different kinds of hunting knives to carry.  So I decided to pick up a Helle GT to check them out.  When my package came in I was very impressed with the packaging, it looked like a package of a liqueur bottle.

It is not like a plastic package or box from some other manufactures.  I know the package has nothing to do with the performance with the knife but to me it just lets me know that they care:)

I proceeded to unpack the knife from this amazing packaging and this is what if found.

It come with a nice cloth and a warranty card.  Still nothing too great but nice that they put some free stuff in there.

As you can see the sheath in the picture above it is a very nice one.  I love it compared to the other knives that I have had in the past.  It is a nice and very supple leather and not a stiff leather.

This knife is 9.75″ long and handles very well.

I love the fit and finish of this knife.  I love the look of the guard and how it flows into the handle.  This knife comes out of the box very sharp so be careful!

The fit and finish of the blade is very nice and clean.  Again be careful very sharp!

One of my favorite parts of the knife is the handle.  I am a big fan of curly woods, like this curly birch and curly maple.

Helle makes some very nice knives and the fit and finish is very nice.  All the knives are hand made in Norway.

To check out the full line of Helle knives that are available in the USA Check out my website Black Widow Tackle and Hunting

Thanks for  taking the time to read and have a blessed day!

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Nemo Meta 1P Quick Look!

The other day I picked up a Nemo Meta 1P for a customer of mine and decided to set it up with my 2 1/2 year old:) oh and I loaned out my trekking poles so a piece of 51″ 1/4 round worked too:)

The Meta 1P packs very nice and fits in the bottom of a pack great and make a GREAT 1 person tent!  This is what the package looks like.

This is the tent package unrolled.  It comes in a waterproof stuff sack.

The tent stakes are normal light weight stakes and I like the little rope loop to pull from.

Here is the tent uncompressed from the sack.

This tent compresses very nicely.  To make it very small and flat.

Here is the tent rolled out and with all new tents make sure that you read the instructions on what steps to take first and it will be a lot easier:)

The few trekking pole style tents I have seen this one has to be the best.

The 1/4 round was not ideal but worked for temporary purposes.  I love the vestibule of this tent.  There is a lot of room for all you gear so it does not have to be in the tent with you.  To me this is a big 1 person tent and if you don’t mind being close(head to feet) on a cold night can work as a 2 person then.

For a trekking pole tent it was very stable and I would definitely use this in some very harsh conditions, maybe not Kodiak Island conditions:).  I was very surprised on how stable it was!

If you are in the market for a new tent Nemo is a GREAT company with GREAT customer service.  The owner is a very intelligent guys and he knows his stuff!  All of Nemos products can be found on my website Black Widow Tackle and Hunting

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Pt. 2 Picking out my new Stalker Longbow:)

Right before I went to get PRK surgery I decided to call South Cox of Stalker Custom Recurves to design my bow.  I was torn between a longbow or a recurve.  So I went with what I know and decided on a longbow, but I went with the hybrid so I can also get recurve limbs in the future:)  I am not that tall of a fella so I went with a 58″ longbow and 52# pull at 26″.  I am not a big fan of white, cream or any color combination of that so I asked to change all the accents to red.

Now for the woods.  I wanted the handle to be Cocobolo

With a Ebony Flare.

I know the picture above is more black, but my ebony should be more brown.

The limbs will be again Cocobolo

and my favorite wood a dark stained curly maple:)

I can not tell you how excited I am about this bow.  It was very nice to talk to a bowyer who is as equally excited as I am!  I can not stress enough how nice of a guy South Cox is and how enthused he is about his bows.

Now the waiting game begins:)

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ProStaffer Eric Mauro of Sole Footbeds.

Got Sole?

Well I’m sorry to say we are not talking about James Brown this time but are talking about custom foot beds made by Sole.  In the past I have been pretty happy with my Superfeet insoles. I even have a pair of custom cork foot beds I use in my ski boots. How much better could all these new foot beds really be? Well to say I’m impressed would be an understatement.  Here is a quick review of the Sole Signature EV Ultra custom foot beds.


Sole makes custom insoles for all kinds sporty and daily activity. The Signature EV is recommended for hiking and mountaineering boots.


Antimicrobial treatments, heat or ware moldable base layer for custom fit, moisture-wicking top sheet, adjustable arch support and deep heel cup. Available in men’s sizes 3-16 and women’s 5-18.


Sole insoles are made of a three component construction. The base layer is a moldable EVA that forms to the contours of your feet. The cushioning is a nice thick open cell polyurethane. And finally the top sheet is a anti-bacterial, odor fighting, moisture wicking  polyester weave.

Bottom Line

I took my Sole’s right out of the box, threw them in my Hanwag trapper tops and hit the trails. Sole recommends a 1-3 day break in period but mine felt like heaven the moment my feet touched them. One month later they still feel wonderful. I even threw a pair in my everyday patagucchi kicks.

The only downside I can find is the Signature EV’s take up a bit more room then a standard insole or superfeet. Sole does make thin models as well if you need a little more space. Keep in mind once your feet are used to the sole’s they get angry when you don’t have a pair in your shoes.

Sole custom insole get two big thumbs up!

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