Review From Riley!!! “TradTech Galaxy”


TT Galaxy 17” riser with Black Max Limbs review

Riser specs:
-17” riser for 58”,60” or 62” bow with ILF limbs
-Accepts any recurve/longbow ILF limb
-Slightly reflex design that maximizes velocity and efficiency
– Zebra wood, Maple Dymond wood and Phenolic flares
-Lateral limb adjustments

Limb specs:
-Laminated black fiberglass with maple core
-Fast flight limp tips
-Short (58”) 40lb limbs


In November of 2012 I decided that I wanted a new upgraded recurve. I looked at almost every bowyer and just could not decide what bow company to go with.  After being confused for a few days I decided to contact Andrew at Black Widow Tackle and Hunting.  After a few weeks we decided on the Tradtech Galaxy with short (58”) limbs.  99% of my hunting is spot and stalk, very rarely do I set up and wait for animals to come in so I needed a bow that was in the 56-58” mark.  I also wanted a bow that was smooth, quiet, and was a takedown.  Andrew suggested the Tradtech line of bows and assured me they were good bows for the money.  A short while after I order the bow from Andrew and it was at my door step!


First impression of the bow when I opened it was. It was exactly that, I was stunned and speechless, as you can see from these pictures the bow is cool looking.  The finish was better than expected, I was expecting a bow with a pretty rough finish but it was flawless.  I put the bow together just by sliding the limbs into the riser dovetail and I was ready to string her up.  I set the brace height at 8”  and then took her down and put her away until I had time to fling a few arrows.


A few days later I was able to finally fire off a few arrows.  I was pretty surprised on how dead in the hand this bow was.  So that night I got some bare shafts and figured I would bare shaft tune. Within 7 arrows I got the correct spine and nock height.   The very next day I was free and very eager to see how fast this bow was.  I stepped out to 20 yards and shot a broad head, then a field point, then a bare shaft. Well the picture says it all, a little stiff but for me that is more than perfect!  I then wrote every spec on the bow down…tiller, brace height, nock height, arrow length, arrow tip weight, and tip weight.  This way if I change something I can always go back to what works!  Im hoping to run through this stock string so I can put on my personal favorite strings…BABOOZE BOWSTRINGS!  Jerry is also located in Hawaii and he makes some killer fast strings!  I actually pre-ordered 2 for my Galaxy.


This bow just plain rocks and I cant wait to hunt with it and see how it really performs! Of course it doesn’t compare to a custom; but it sure will give any custom a run for their money.  The finish is awesome and the amount of adjustment you have is just perfect.  Even though I got a bow that is 40lbs at my 25” draw and shooting an arrow about 11.5 GPP, I believe it will do an awesome job passing through some of Hawaii’s game.  Dealing with Andrew was great; he knows his stuff and is just a great guy to talk to.  Whenever I order whether it be from 3rivers or other places, I like to call or email the company just to get a feel of the customer service.  After talking with Andrew on the phone I was satisfied that if anything did go wrong he would not bail out on me and say tough luck.  Black Widow Tackle and Hunting is one of the few companies that I would full recommend.  Even if you don’t want to order things, just give Andrew a call because the guy loves hunting stories!!!


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1 Response to Review From Riley!!! “TradTech Galaxy”

  1. fslack says:

    This bow is so beautiful it literally brings tears to my eyes! Such artistry!

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