This is the reason why Wilderness Athlete’s products are far superior than others!

Wilderness Athlete

By Coach Mark Paulsen

Wilderness Athlete Hydrate & Recover represents the latest generation of sports rehydration drinks – complete, correct, and comprehensive in formulation. What’s left out of sports drinks is equally important as to what’s included in them. That’s why Hydrate & Recover contains no artificial colors, no oils or fats, and no stabilizers. Not only can some of these ingredients have a negative health impact but they also make a sports drink far less effective and even slow down its ability to replenish and refresh a tired and thirsty body.

What’s included in Hydrate & Recover is the ideal spectrum of nutrients, electrolytes, antioxidants, and energy pathway cofactors to make this the premier rehydration beverage available. Based on well- documented research studies, Hydrate & Recover provides the exact molarity, (concentration of solid nutrients dissolved in fluid), to allow fast, unimpeded uptake of fluids into the bloodstream. In fact, its absorption through the digestive tract is…

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