The Final!!! Picking out my new longbow!

After a long time of buying used trad bows it was finally time to buy a new one.  After talking to many different bowyers all GREAT except for one(He had no interest talking to me about his bow or answering any questions)!   I Choose South Cox at Stalker Custom Recurves.  The reason why I choose South was because of a post he made on TradGang offering to fix another bowyers bow at no charge to the person because the orginal bowyer would not fix it and just making excuses.  South is a great person to talk to and he is a wealth of knowledge.  He loves talking about his bow and hunting.

I called South at the Beginning of April and placed my order.  South was great and made sure that all my options were going to be the best fit for me and my bow.  He sent me some pics of the bow being built during the process.

My bow is a 58″ hybrid longbow 51# at 26″.

So, about 2 weeks ago South Called me and told me that the bow was just about ready to ship and I got very excited!!!!!!!  The other day I heard a knock at my front to and it was the USPS man with a package that was about the size of a box of arrows.  The box was from South.  I rushed to open it and this is what I found inside.

Here are all the contents of the package.

With my bow I ordered a Tshirt and sticker.

Now I will shut up so you can enjoy the rest of the pictures.

I hope that you enjoyed the pictures and if you are in the market for a new Traditional bow look no further and give South Cox a call at 707-768-1900 or email him at and take a look at his website Stalker Custom Recurves.  He is a top notch guy and takes pride in every build!

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1 Response to The Final!!! Picking out my new longbow!

  1. Ron Nepini says:

    Great looking bow, hope it shoots as good as it looks.

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