Darn Tough Scent-Lok Sock Review by ProStaffer Randall Limb

These are some of the best socks I have used in the field. Slightly thick but I like them that way.
 Very Very Durable
 Stay right where they are supposed to be ( no slipping)
 A little thicker than most brands (which can also be a Pro)
 Made my feet sweat
How I use it
I have a pair of Scent Blocker boots that are un- insulated and that have had the insoles replaced. Ever since I replaced the insoles they have been uncomfortable to wear with a standard sock. So I gave the Darn Tough Socks a try and boy I could really tell the difference! They made my hiking more enjoyable and comfortable.
Insulating Qualities
These socks are going to be great during winter when my feet would normally get cold. That is a big benefit to having them a little thicker than most.
These socks are very lightweight for all that they offer! I don’t feel like I am hiking with a big bulky sock when I have these on.
Hence the name “Darn Tough” These socks are some of the toughest, stretchiest and most comfortable on the market. Scent-Lok even backs them with a LIFETIME Warranty!
These socks are a very reasonable price for how well they are built and what you get! They retail for right around $20.00 depending on the model that you get.
Overall Impression
These socks are very comfortable and form fitting to your foot and calf. They have extra cushion along the bottom of them for extra support which I personally LOVE! In my opinion you will not find a better sock on the market! And you cannot beat a LIFETIME WARRANTY! I know what gear I will be using this fall, and the Darn Tough Socks made the cut!

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