This is one of the Reason I chose South Cox at Stalker Custom Recurves to build my bow. He does GREAT things like this!!

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  1. Luke Johnson says:

    Pretty slick little program! Couple that with the limited edtion “Schleyer” bows that South is doing; were a portion of the proceeds got to the late Bart Schleyer’s son Artyom…it’s a mark of the man. Not only does he build breathtaking bows; but he has a big heart as well.

    • That is a GREAT program! South is one of the best guys out there. Not only does he make some GREAT bows, but he also like to talk about his bows and hunting. I have talked to many different bowyers that did not want to answer all my questions and South did not mind. You can’t go wrong with his bows!

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