Helle GT Knife Impression

The other day I decided to sell my old never used Benchmade Outdounder.  I liked the knife but hated the sheath.  I was looking into all different kinds of hunting knives to carry.  So I decided to pick up a Helle GT to check them out.  When my package came in I was very impressed with the packaging, it looked like a package of a liqueur bottle.

It is not like a plastic package or box from some other manufactures.  I know the package has nothing to do with the performance with the knife but to me it just lets me know that they care:)

I proceeded to unpack the knife from this amazing packaging and this is what if found.

It come with a nice cloth and a warranty card.  Still nothing too great but nice that they put some free stuff in there.

As you can see the sheath in the picture above it is a very nice one.  I love it compared to the other knives that I have had in the past.  It is a nice and very supple leather and not a stiff leather.

This knife is 9.75″ long and handles very well.

I love the fit and finish of this knife.  I love the look of the guard and how it flows into the handle.  This knife comes out of the box very sharp so be careful!

The fit and finish of the blade is very nice and clean.  Again be careful very sharp!

One of my favorite parts of the knife is the handle.  I am a big fan of curly woods, like this curly birch and curly maple.

Helle makes some very nice knives and the fit and finish is very nice.  All the knives are hand made in Norway.

To check out the full line of Helle knives that are available in the USA Check out my website Black Widow Tackle and Hunting

Thanks for  taking the time to read and have a blessed day!

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