ProStaffer Eric Mauro of Sole Footbeds.

Got Sole?

Well I’m sorry to say we are not talking about James Brown this time but are talking about custom foot beds made by Sole.  In the past I have been pretty happy with my Superfeet insoles. I even have a pair of custom cork foot beds I use in my ski boots. How much better could all these new foot beds really be? Well to say I’m impressed would be an understatement.  Here is a quick review of the Sole Signature EV Ultra custom foot beds.


Sole makes custom insoles for all kinds sporty and daily activity. The Signature EV is recommended for hiking and mountaineering boots.


Antimicrobial treatments, heat or ware moldable base layer for custom fit, moisture-wicking top sheet, adjustable arch support and deep heel cup. Available in men’s sizes 3-16 and women’s 5-18.


Sole insoles are made of a three component construction. The base layer is a moldable EVA that forms to the contours of your feet. The cushioning is a nice thick open cell polyurethane. And finally the top sheet is a anti-bacterial, odor fighting, moisture wicking  polyester weave.

Bottom Line

I took my Sole’s right out of the box, threw them in my Hanwag trapper tops and hit the trails. Sole recommends a 1-3 day break in period but mine felt like heaven the moment my feet touched them. One month later they still feel wonderful. I even threw a pair in my everyday patagucchi kicks.

The only downside I can find is the Signature EV’s take up a bit more room then a standard insole or superfeet. Sole does make thin models as well if you need a little more space. Keep in mind once your feet are used to the sole’s they get angry when you don’t have a pair in your shoes.

Sole custom insole get two big thumbs up!

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