Westcomb Mirage Jacket First Impression

This review is going to be my my first impression of the Multicam Westcomb Mirage Jacket.  I was very impressed with this company when I started to do a little research about them.  I was very impressed that they use Event and Polartec Neoshell instead of Gore-Tex.  Here is a video clip of the Polartec Neoshell vs Gore-Tex in breathability.  You can go to youtube.com and look at the comparisons for yourself.  I also like that all their products are made in Canada and made with great pride.  I was also impressed with my rep.  I called him when he was at OR and he called me right back and talked to me about their products.  We made a time to meet at EORA and I got a through run down of all their products.  And since then he has always keep me in the loop with all the communication that I needed.  OK, lets get to the meat of the review the jacket.

Here are the specs of the jacket from Westcomb:

In the Mirage you can hit the local ski slope, or tackle Cayoosh letting yourself loose out in the backcountry.  Nothing but your will and imagination can limit this jacket.  This stylish and versatile eVent® shell looks great around town while its durable, abrasion resistant exterior protects you from the coldest and wettest conditions of the mountain.


– Always dry from the outside, never clammy from the inside, eVent® Direct Venting™ technology ensures 100% waterproofness and unparalleled breathability.

–  Micro-taped seams ensure waterproof integrity throughout the entire piece.

–  Distinct offset centre front “S” zipper does not overlap with the zipper pull on your mid-layer jacket, ensuring obstruction free comfort while layering.

–  Two roomy hand pockets and a Napoleon pocket keep your must-reach gear right at your fingertips.

–  With its athletic fit, the Mirage works by itself alongside your favorite base layer, yet the articulated sleeves and shoulders provide ample room and movement to wear your warmest mid-layer when the mercury drops across changing altitudes.

Progressive design offers a fresh look, yet maximizes performance industry leading technology to keep you moving across town, down the slope, or through that extra mile.  Everything you need, nothing you don’t, and each detail accounted for.  Don’t fidget with your gear.  Concentrate on the task at hand.

_S zipper – Offset S zipper is eye-catching yet fuctional.  Keeps the cold hardware off your chin, and neck area bulk-free when layering.

_Adjustable waist system – Easy to adjust with one hand; just pull the cinch-cord within the hand pockets to lock out the elements.  Press the one-handed release on the outside hem to loosen the jacket back up.


_High collar with Velour lined chin-guard – Provides comfort and protection from the elements for your neck and face.

_1 Napoleon pocket – provide easy access to crucial gear.  Stash your essential items in the conveniently located chest pocket.

_Attached Helmet Compatible Hood – The 3-point adjustable hood is roomy enough to wear over a helmet, yet cinches comfortably down when worn without one. Bungee cord on each side of the hood and a third in back simply adjust with one-handed ease, keeping your other hand ready for the unexpected.

_Velcro elasticized cuff closure – Keeps snow, wind, and rain from creeping in right at the wrists.

_Internal media pocket – Easy to access pocket keeps your MP3 player, iPhone, or other valuables secure and dry.

_Venting zippers – For those moments of extreme heat generating activity, conveniently located underarm zippers open the jacket to maximize air circulation to cool the body’s core.


_560 NST eVent® (ePTFE) with DWR – Super durable water & windproof nylon fabric with industry leading breathability.

_20 SPI – 20 stitches per inch exceed industry standards by at least 2x.  This higher SPI allows for a lighter, yet stronger fabric seam giving a lifetime of wear and tear while reducing weight as additional topstitching isn’t needed.

_Micro Seam Taping – Creates the thinnest waterproof boundary while creating a more pliable seam without the added weight.

_Laminated zippers, waist hem & wrist hem – Super durable fabric adhesive affixes these critical areas, creating waterproof, stitch-less, lightweight seams with weld-like durability and ultra clean aesthetics.

_YKK PU zippers – Provide smooth operation with watertight performance.  Reduces weight by eliminating the need for storm flaps.

_Articulated sleeves – Integrated strategic pocket areas allowing for unrestricted movement in any position.

The camo jackets were made for Japan and I far as I know there are only 2 in the USA one already went to a customer of mine and this one here.  The camo jacket retailed for $650 and the Std jacket retails for $450.  Most are thinking $450 for a jacket!  But I am telling you this is not your ordinary jacket.  The cost comes from it being made in Canada and not over seas.  They are not massed produced.  They are made with today’s best fabrics from the top manufactures!

Here is a pic of the jacket just laying flat.

If you are looking at it like I first did you are looking at the main zipper thinking is something wrong with that:) but it is designed to be like that so the zipper when zipped up all the way is off to the side and out of the way like in the pic below.

Here you can see what the zipper looks like when completely zipped up.

Here you can see how the hoop can cinch down on a hat.  It cinches from the rear and along each side of the face.

Now you can take a look at the felt inside of the jacket to help protect you against the cold and you can see the taped seems in the jacket.  This jacket is fully seem sealed.

This jacket does have full length pit zipps.  For added ventilation.

The Napoleon pocket is a little weird.  It opens up from the flap which could help with keeping it waterproof when opening it.

There are also Velcro wrist straps for added adjustment.

And for added protection in the inside of the jacket at the corner of the pocket where it is seemed sealed there is a round patch to protect the corner from pealing up.

So far I love this jacket!  I can’t wait to give it a try in the backcountry.

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