A few Muzzy Tests!

A while ago I was messing around with some of my Muzzy’s Phantoms SS  just to see the durability of them b/c some say that they will not hold up to much punishment!

I just did a few tests and this is what I came up with:)
This one is through 1/2″ particle board.


After about 10 shots in the board I decided to shoot it into the poured concrete walls in the basement:)


This last one is what the tip looked like after I removed it from the wall. Some of the slant in the tip probable came from when trying to remove it with a hammer, I could not pull it out of the wall with my hands!


Here is the pics of the test I did with the 2011 Muzzy MX-3 125. These have a SS ferrule. I picked up a few for a customer and decided to give them a try.





All the damage to the broadheads was done on the removal of the head from the wood or concrete walls.  These are some tough broadheads and at a GREAT price.  All of Muzzy’s Broadhead can be ordered at Black Widow Tackle and Hunting.

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