Looking for a new Trad Bow Pt. 1

So, I am in the market for a new trad bow.  I have looked at many bowyers but one stood out from the rest because of a post he made on a forum.  The post was from a guy who purchased a used from another guy.  After using the bow he noticed that the riser was coming apart and called the bowyer who made the riser.  Well, the bowyer said that there was nothing that he could do.  So the guy posted it on the forum and and the bowyer that I have decided to go with told the guy that if he sends it to him he will fix it for nothing.  That to me is great customer service.  It seems that a lot of companies from big box retailers to a few mom and pop shops are lacking customer service.  So, when I purchase products I will pay a little more to get great customer service.  I try and provide great customer service with my shop because I want customers to be happy and know that they got the best product at the best price.  I could always get a factory trad bow but then I would not be supporting the “Mom and Pop” shops and they custom make the bows for you.  So, I decided to give South Cox a call with Stalker Custom Recurves.  I was not sure what I wanted so he went over each model with me telling me the differences between them.  So many choices from a 3 piece recurve, 3 piece longbow, Hybrid bow that can use recurve and longbow limbs to a 1 piece longbow.  He was more than happy to talk to me unlike some other bowyers who make is seem like a chore.  If that is not hard enough now I have to choose a wood for the riser and limbs.  So many choices:)  With all the choices he sent me a catalog so I can start the process on purchasing a new trad bow.

If you are in the market for a new Trad Bow give South Cox a call at 707-768-1900.

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