ProStaffer Paul Howse

I just returned from my 6th trip to Cebaco Bay Sportfishing club in 4 years, even though the bite was as slow as I have seen it, we still managed some world class fish and a lot of variety. As always the crew was super hospitipal, the mothership was comfortable and clean and the captain and crew worked hard to put us on fish. Unfortunertly the wind was blowing hard the first three days, making the casting and jigging a little difficult. Bait was extremly scarce, we manajed only 5 cojinuas in four days of fishing,but the ones we did get to bridle up and troll were scarfed real quick. My buddy Dan stuck himself real good in the leg with a OTI wombat popper, two troubles buried real deep and we had to make a 3 hour run back to Puerto Mutis and then to Santiago to see the doctor. one to many Panamas for Dan. We were at roncador when he got impaled and guys this was nasty! check pics for a better idea. Once we got Dan patched up, we headed out the next morning and I caught some nice pargos on the Adhek popper and we got some nice live bait fish. Captain Jim Wiese invited us out on his 56 Viking and we fished in style the last day. we caught a large sailfish and we jigged up some nice amberjacks on a reef off of Isla Jicarita. Captain Jim is a super great guy and truley made a slow fishing day epic. I hope I have the pleasure of fishing with him again in the future. This trip we put together each year is truley a fishing experience. This is a first class location, staff, and all around operation. I truley feel taken care of and appreciate all that Cebaco Bay has to offer. Ill be back hopefully in July, and know to expect great things. Long live Cebaco Bay!!



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